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New role for Chad

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Chad Dickerson when we were organising the London Hack Day last year.

 Chad is truly a gentleman and treated me to an excellent meal on my recent trip to San Francisco – I tried to pursued him to let me clean his pool (I have no idea if he has one) in exchange for hiding me from US immigration so I could stay.

Exciting things are ahead as he takes on a new role at Yahoo!

From Chad’s blog.  

 I guess the headline tips my hand. I’m taking on a new role at Yahoo: running the Advanced Products group, a position just vacated by Scott Gatz. Scott has built a great team and I have big shoes to fill, but the groundwork that Scott and his team have laid only increases my excitement about taking on the new challenge.   

Photo courtesy of Mirka23

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  1. Chad Dickerson

    Alas, Matt, no pool. . . .

    However, I will hide you in the basement and bring you the occasional hoppy California pale ale in exchange for occasional housesitting. 😉

    Good seeing you on your last visit!