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BBC Sci-Fi Monster Compeition – Mashed

This is sooo damn cool – I can’t announce it officially yet because I have to put it in proper BBC legal language – and that takes time… but get this… we’re going to run a competition for Mashed in a couple of weeks to build a BBC Sci-Fi Monster.

Not just any monster mind you, but a full size, fully functional, kick-ass monster.

Basically between now and next Thursday you email me with your ideas, and I select the best two – we’ll then fund you to the tune of up to £500 to build the monster (you’ll get the cash after Mashed not before). Then at Mashed itself you actually build the things over 24 hours and show them off on the Sunday with the other presentations – the audience votes on a winner – we give you some lame gift as a prize (the prize is actually the £500 to build the thing in the first place) and you get to keep the monster… how cool!

Anyway – more news on the official backstage blog when I’ve sorted out the legal stuff… also so AMAZINGLY COOl…. NASA are coming… I so damn excited right now.

Fucking ROCKETS!


  1. Ryan Kennedy

    I thought NASA was at the last one. Oh, wait…that was Ewan Spence. 😉

  2. mattcashmore

    He’s got something exceptionally cool planned this year too!