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Australia… slightly delayed

This post has taken a little longer to get up due to a wonderful WordPress upgrade that borked one of my plugins and stopped me being able to log in. The wonderful people at Dreamhost however helped me fix it.

Me @ WilliamstownSo I’ve made it to Oz – in one piece – which was as big a surprise to me as it may be to you. After three weeks on the road to Russia and back and a short amount of time back in blightly before I had to dash out here I was a bit worried I’d miss something, but so far so good.

Melbourne is amazing – there’s a bunch of photos on my flickr stream – but wow what a city. I loved London so much – but this place, frankly is better. Well it is at the moment đŸ™‚

I’ll spend some more time, when I’ve settled in, writing some more about the areas I’ve been to and what-not now the site is fixed.

If you want to get in touch with me – remember I’m 10 hours ahead – drop me a note or skype me on matthewcashmore

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  1. Briantist

    Great photos of Oz, Matt.

    You’re going to get a summer this year too!