Just wondering if I should change the name of the blog – but hey sod it 🙂

Dad and me in MelbourneReally starting to settle in now. My Dad is still here with me, and the wonderful thing about that is that he does all the cooking, the cleaning and goes looking for places for me to live…. fantastic! So I now have a flat.

The flat is in a high-rise appartment building just down the road from my current (see the google map below) corporate appartment. It’s right by the station and right in the middle of the CBD (Central Business District) .

With Dad here I’ve not had time to myself to really think about it, and we’re chatting at least twice a day, but I’m a bit worried that when Dad goes, I’ll be left to stew in my own thoughts… and generally that’s not a good place to be. I’ll have to find something to distract me… perhaps morning meditation from 5am and then rugby practice every night!
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