Now with panniers, originally uploaded by mattcashmore.

I’ve finally had a few weeks back in Australia and it’s all starting to feel more like home than a place I happen to be spending some time. Part of that is all the gear turning up for the bike, and the other bit is my brother coming to stay!

He’s moved in and has his feet well and truly under the table 😉 But I don’t mind (he’s a qualified chef, and a rather good one at that). Of course all of this would come as I’m starting to take this fitness lark seriously – I’m aiming to take part in the Austalasian Safari in two years time – that’s going to take 12 months to drop my weight to a sensible level and 12 months of serious enduro training.

Of course, all the best laid plans and all that… but we’ll see what happens, regardless of what I do I aim to be doing something ‘big’ in 2011/2012 depending on what hemisphere I’m in.

More videos on the way now I’ve found my way around the new Canon HG20 HD Camera, and I’m sure you’ve already seen some of the first photos appearing on flickr from the new Lumix G1.