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San Francisco – your thoughts.

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I’ve once again just got back from the foggy and slightly damp city that I’m learning to love, and amazingly I’m not talking about London.

San Francisco is one of those cities that it’s so easy to enjoy. It’s small enough to easily get around, the public transport is cheap and easy to work out, and every corner has a coffee shop where you can meet your friends and colleagues alike.

I was in town for a little over a week this time, and even though our offices are over in Oakland I didn’t manage to make it there once. The city is just to darn alluring, and when it comes to meetings I’m much happier to natter in the back of a noisy Starbucks than a cold and difficult-to-get-to Oakland.

It was wonderful to meet up with the Offbeat Guides guys again, and to start to generate a genuine friendship with Eric ‘Put ’em up’ Willis. Dale Larson once again took me in hand and even managed to smuggle me onto a boat for a sailing trip over the weekend – thanks Dale 🙂

So who knows…. SF is turning into a city that I’d rather like to live, and given I’m spending more and more of my time there…. what do you think? SF? Good place to live?


  1. bryan

    GREAT place to live. Wouldn’t live anywhere else. You have to get used to it being a bit cool, never really that warm… but its nice.

  2. Shannon Clark

    I moved to SF in 2006, I enjoy a lot about living here but there are some drawbacks. For one, though the weather should support it – the city is not a very late night city – most places close by 10, bars/nightclubs by 2am, limited 24hr options. The food selection is quite fantastic & the locally owned shops great (fantastic bookstores, specialty retail). That said, I don’t see myself living here forever, the allure of big, 24hr cities such as London or NYC is too great.