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Weekend run – the Ballarat, Bendigo and Melbourne Triangle

This weekend sees the start of a few small runs out of Melbourne – a little further afield than I’ve managed before – and with any luck they’ll contain as much excitement as the full-on trip would have done.

The big outback trip looks as though it wont happen – news on why at a later date – so I’m attempting to get some combination outback, off-road, on-road runs in over weekends. That essentially means no more than 500km at the most over two days with one night camping.

This is the first of that series of runs and is the famous Ballarat, Bendigo, Melbourne triangle. Bendigo and Ballarat are towns built on the history of Gold – and both are responsible for the early wealth of Melbourne. I’m expecting great sweeping vistas across the goldfields and majestic and dirty off-road sections that will challenge the road tyres on the XT660 🙂

Blogs posts and photos of course as and when I’m on the road this weekend – but no video as the camera is still in the UK.

Any suggestions or detours on this route? Anywhere I simply can’t miss? Stretch of road that will make me cry? Please do help…….

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  1. mattcashmore

    Now editing route to take into account these suggestions from my colleagues here at work:

    * Yes! You must stop in Daylesford for lunch, or at least sweets. There’s a gorgeous little dessert/coffee café on the main street called Sweet Decadence — my father said it was the best cup of coffee he’d ever had. A walk around little Lake Daylesford is nice if it’s not too hot.

    * Going to Ballarat:
    Lerderburg state park – dramatic gorges
    Blackwood – scenery and nice old pub
    Daylesford – very popular weekend retreat with nice lake area

    ballarat to bendigo
    Gold towns of Creswick, Clunes & Talbot.

    Bendigo to melbourne
    Fine old gold town of Maldon (with old train to Castlemaine)
    Castlemaine and Woodend make nice towns for a stop (Hop into the Holgate microbrewery in Woodend; you might see me there – I live in woodend)
    Hanging Rock (detour from Woodend)

    There are plenty of off-road opportunities around the Macedon Ranges. The area north of HHergetova Cihelnáanging Rock and west of Kyneton has possibilities.

    * The Restorers Barn in Castlemain (129-133 Mostyn Street) is great. It’s a big second-hand shop. No clothes, but with all sorts of other stuff, from the tea cups your nan used to have, to antique bath tubs. Even if you’re not in the market for anything or don’t particularly like shopping, it’s a great place to have a browse.

    * Ballarat to home is the most boring part of the trip & you might as well do it at night

    * I’m a Maryborough girl originally (just off your route) so know these areas fairly well. I would say definite must sees are Maldon, Clunes is cute too and Castlemaine is lovely.

    * Don’t bother with Melton, it’s a ‘satellite city’ and not too pretty! My sister lives there.

    * You have to stop at the lolly shop in Maldo. I see you are going through Axedale, which is great, they have some stunning views from the hills up that way. Lake Eppalock may seem like a great idea, however due to the drought there isn’t much water left 🙁

    * If you pass through Woodend (near Dayelsford area), stop in for a drink at the Holgate brewery. One of my absolute fave tipples.

    * Out Heathcote way – the reedsdale tavern would be a lovely lunch stop.

    * Have you been to Daylesford before? That would be better than clunes if you haven’t experienced it yet

    * L’Espresso, in Sturt St has the best coffee in all of Ballarat (in fact, the best coffee I’ve ever had … ever). And super yummy foodstuffs.