Rocking at the EspyThis week I did my first proper gig with the LP Band – Slabotomy – at the Espy in St Kilda. We rocked. We seriously took hold of Rock and taught it a few lessons. In fact Rock was a little pissed at the end and stormed off the stage. But…. through it all we saw a band that did two sets, raised  $1200 for The Hotham Mission and just had an amazing time.

The thing that rocks most about the fact that Lonely Planet has a band, is that it has a really really good band – a band that can fill the Gershwin room at the Espy (a pretty funky and cool venue), sell $1200 worth of tickets on the door and still consider that a warm up gig for the ‘real’ one next week at the Christmas party.

The social aspect of the band is pretty cool too – there’s the head of HR, the head of IT, there’s the chap who makes the tea (me) and a lawyer, and an IT guy and a cartographer, and an ex-author now head of editorial for the website, there’s…. well you get the picture. I just like the fact that I’m a pretty naff singer, and an even worse drummer and I still get to play the drums on Lady Marmalade and sing Beat It… and because the rest of the band is quite so good – I manage to pull it off.

Now… to leave you with a video of us rehearsing for the next gig – I think you’ll like it.

(Watch on YouTube)