I write here about a range of things; a loose collection of posts and reviews about things that I am passionate about. For the most part that means you’ll see lots of posts about my faith and about Jesus’ ministry through me here at St. Luke’s. Milber and St. John’s, Bovey Tracey with Heathfield.  You can also find any sermons or broadcasts I may have delivered (although I’m not entirely consistent in posting them).

You’ll also find a bunch of reviews of travel gear and travel cooking videos (amongst others) over on my YouTube Channel. You can see my latest tweets over on twitter and see some of my older photographs over on Flickr. I’m also over on Mastodon here.

If you’d like to know a little more about me, or contact me you can head over to the About & Contact page.

If you need prayer, I pray Morning & Evening Prayer each day alongside Mass and Adoration with the community at St. Anselm, contact me with any requests.

In love, and with prayer,

Fr. Matthew