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The cast is off…

Patrick's very broken ankleWent to the hospital for another check-up and the cast is off. I am officially ‘partially weight bearing’ with the target of full weight bearing in 6 weeks. I’m in a leg support but it’s a million miles away from a fibre glass cast.

Foot looked pretty grim when it came out of plaster. A bath and a rub with a towel removed some of the horror but the shreds of skin still take a bit of getting used to but it will be fine in no time I’m sure.

I’ve already seen my physio and have some exercises to do. I do feel like a new born lamb though – it’s quite tender to walk on so I need to do the exercises and be positive. Doctors are being cagey about the likihood of making the trip date – I still have along way to go.

Ebay is a curse at times….

I’ve been looking for spares since my accident. Some are harder to find than others and let’s be honest as this is a Honda new ones aren’t cheap so ‘previously enjoyed’ spares are the order of the day.

One part that’s been particulary vexing for me has been the front fairing spur – without being to technical it holds the front fairing and the intruments to the front of the bike and a new honda one is about £200.

Afterweeks of looking on Ebay (UK and Germany) I bit the bullet and ordered a ‘discounted’ one from a well known Honda parts specialist.

 Now I know you know where this is going but not two days after placing my order (non returnable & money upfront) I was tralwing on and low and behold not one but TWO of the dam things are listed and both shipping to the UK.

I hate the internet.


Taken a blow

I feel as if we’ve taken a blow, and we’re winded. There seems to be no other way to describe it. Patrick had his massive off, Stace had his and then I got sent down the road by an idiot car driver.

Since then we’ve done nothing, we’ve not looked at visa applications, vaccinations, entry points, route details, nothing at all.

We’re starting to surface again now though, work, personal issues and the crashes are starting to fade a little allowing us to see the mammoth task that still lies ahead for us.

And collectively we’ve said. “Oh Shit.”

Crisis meeting Monday night, are we up for this? Or have we bitten off more than we can chew?

Slow Progress

2007_06032General0012It’s been a few weeks since my accident so I thought it would be nice to give a little update of how I’m healing. I’m still in plaster and my next appointment is 28th June and until then I’m non-weight bearing. It seems a long time but I suppose they are keen for the plate and screws to bed in as best they can and for the ligaments to begin healing on my ankle.

The garage is a hive of activity (photos to follow) I have a little fold up chair to sit on and I’m removing bits off the bike. It’s a slow process as I’m keen to keep everything together so I don’t lose any bolts. The front is quite badly beaten up – still gives me the shivers looking at how twisted it all is.

Removing the front fairing spar is proving difficult – the multitude of wires to the instruments and trip computer doesn’t help – but I’m marking these as a I go so hopefully it will be a breeze when it comes to putting it back together again (famous last words…).

There is a pile of broken parts on one side of the garage and in time this will include the forks, the afore mentioned spar, instruments, fairing panels, front mudguard and a mirror. In addition and depending upon whether I can bend things back into shape it may also include the headlights, footpeg, pillion footpegs and pannier racks and possibly the yokes. The fuel tank is a bit bent out of shape too and looking at it in detail was very nearly holed by the brush guards being forced into it when I crashed.

2007_06032General0011It’s not all doom and gloom though as I have been very fortunate in being able to secure some parts. Previous ebay adventures mean I have most of the fairings I need and 2 (yes I know…) fuel tanks so those pointless just in case purchases were in fact a great buy in the end and don’t tell me you’ve never done it!

A very good friend of mine on let me have a set of fork legs for nothing and I sourced a spare set of Yokes just in case. I had to buy the faring spar but used a discount supplier and saved about £40 off the Honda price.

The front wheel has gone off to be put back into shape so fingers crossed it can be done with the existing components. If it needs a rebuild I’m not sure I could resist the temptation to have both hubs and rims annodised and rebuilt with stainless steel spokes – at times the lure of fitting cheap or gawdy tat to my bike worries me. Colour coded bolts on a say a gixxer makes me sick but it seems anything goes when it comes to my AT.

So fingers crossed.

Still reading, still learning

Running With The MoonI’ve just started reading Running With The Moon by Jonny Bealby – after reading the reviews over at Amazon I was a little concerned – some are amazing, but rather a few are a little derogatory.

It’s a revelation. I made the mistake of reading the first couple of chapters just as I was heading for bed whilst away in Swansea. Away from my wife and my family I read how Jonny lost his love as she died in his arms in India. Not what I needed for a good deap sleep, in fact it stirred the most silly dreams and I ended up calling Catheirne in the middle of the night to make sure she was okay.

Now the story is into full swing, it’s settled into a wonderfully woven thread that grabs you and refuses to let you put it down. So if you try to get hold of me over the next couple of days, forget it, my head is buried in this fantastic book

Very little damage to me

CIMG1381I’ve been very lucky with this small crash – I’ve escaped with relatively minor bruises and grazes compared to Patrick’s broken leg! But it still blasted well hurts!

I’m sure it will heal very quickly but I can’t wait for the shoulder bruising to sort itself out – It doesn’t look much but the whole shoulder hurts when I try to rotate my arm – I’ll give it a few more days and if I’ve still had no joy – back to the docs.

These accidents are playing havoc with our training schedule – and the fact that we can’t get out to write reviews for TrustedPlaces!

Down but not out

Missing ScreenI don’t know what’s going on with us lot recently but as Patrick has already said I had an off this evening. A corsa behind me felt that stopping at traffic lights was optional.

I’m now hurting quite a lot – bruised chest from going through my windscreen, bad ankle and knees but according to medical staff I’ll live – which is nice.

The weekend training run is of course off whilst I deal with insurance companies and getting Toby back on the road.

So all set for the Weekend….

Just had a call from Matt. I was at the hospital today for a check-up on my leg (more on this later) and he tells me he’s sitting by the side of the road having been rear ended by a car on the North Circular on his way home!

He says he’s okay though. He’s in shock and I’ve berated him for not going to Hospital so he said he’ll go later. Bike is a bit bent but not to bad.

I’m expecting an update shortly so I’ll keep you posted!

Bank holiday weekend means 4 days in the saddle

I’m going to take the opportunity to try 4 days in the saddle this weekend – the tent will go up and down 4 times, and I’ll do 180 + miles each day – the idea being of course, to simulate the kind of milage and day to day activities Russia will see us face. I’ve not done this kind of milage, or multiple camp sites before, so I think it will be a good indication of what it’s going to be like when I’m tired, possibly wet, and just need to sleep.

If you’ve got any ideas where I can head this weekend drop me a line, at the moment the plan is to just head north, then west, then south then home.

The other bits to try out this weekend will be writing each night. So far I’ve been so pre-occupied with actually getting the tent up, cooking, and all that jazz that I’ve not sat down and written for the blog or searched out interesting places for our TrustedPlaces reviews.

Home again…

Patrick, Matt and StaceWell I’m not one for cliches but it’s certainly been an eventfull week not only for JTR but especially me. If you haven’t heard already (tongue firmly in cheek seeing how Matt has gone into Fleet Street overdrive…) I’ve broken a bone in my leg and ruptured some ligaments in my ankle. A nice balance. I was kept in hospital for a few days as I had an upset stomach mainly and I thank Kingston Hospital for not letting me go home sooner as it wasn’t a nice experience.

Actually talking about the NHS I have to say what a top job it did to fix me up. It gets knocked but the people working in the NHS make it work. From the moment the paramedics turned up everything was done with the mimimum of fuss – a very British thing and I found this a real comfort to me being on the receiving end.

I’m no stanger to NHS trauma care having broken my left ankle coming off a previous bike a few years ago – once again everyone who I saw worked hard to patch me up. I did my bit by wearing the right kit but nonetheless a top job thank you!

Glad to be home though…

I’m non weight bearing on my right leg at the moment. My left leg is not used to doing the work but it’s coping. I’m taking it easy but having learned from experience I must not get to much of the ‘I am helpless’ mindset and I’m trying most things for myself. Lots of stretching and body weight exercises (whilst keeping weight off the right leg) are the order of the day. So wish me luck and any advice would be great.

However I look at it. I have a bit of a “stretch goal” to achieve to make the trip. I’ll be out of plaster for sure however it’s more a question of how strong my leg is. My big fear would be to become injured in a silly accident as a result of a leg not up to the extra strains the trip will bring. Of course there is no predicting what will happen so at the moment it really is a case of sitting tight and seeing how my body heals.

I do however have a secret weapon. Both myself and my partner are very interested in nutritional therapy and I’m looking at getting the best food and supplements inside me in order to be ready to meet the challange of being fit for the fith!

If you think of Steve Austin (a.k.a The Six Million Dollar Man) and you know what I’m thinking .I have the red tracksuit on order already….

Fit for the Fith – My war cry as I hobble into a period of weightless uncertainty…

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